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"This is a tome that every serious wound care clinician should have on his/her reference shelf.... Covering all aspects of wound care dressings, this comprehensive textbook is really a must-have for anyone involved with wound dressings- from healthcare providers to manufacturers to sales reps to purchasing agents and insurers."

Dr. Diane L. Krasner PhD RN CWCN CWS MAPWCA FAAN, Wound & Skin Care Consultant, York, PA, USA (e-mail

Pharmaceutical Journal, March 2011, Vol 286.
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"This is an extremely comprehensive and detailed book...... aimed at readers who want in-depth knowledge of dressings and their uses. It is a book to be read for specific information on a particular dressing type and can be picked up and delved into as required. At 45 UK pounds, this book gives good value and the author demonstrates his expertise and knowledge in this subject. "

Jane Flynn, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist, Barnet Community Services, London

The Diabetic Foot Journal, 2010, Vol 13 No 4
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" Surgical Dressings and Wound Management is a comprehensive reference book to help the reader navigate the world of wound dressings....... The chapter dealing with dressing selection is practical, helping the practitioner to choose an appropriate dressing, or dressing system, for a specific wound. This choice is determined by a number of factors and the chapter aids the practitioner in selecting an appropriate dressing based on the condition of the wound, the condition of the surrounding skin and the anatomical location, with consideration of the wound's underlying aetiology....... Although the book addresses the dressing and therapies for wounds in general, wound care for the ulcerated diabetic foot is also considered specifically....... While the search for the holy grail of diabetic foot dressings continues, so the debate over the clinical and cost-effectiveness of those products currently available will continue. Thomas' Surgical Dressings and Wound Management is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to this congested area."

Laurie King, Clinical Lead Podiatrist, Diabetic Foot Clinic, Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Oxford.

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Journal, 2012, Vol 12, No 1. (Full review may be found on Page 54).

" This book brings together the history, development of, information and evidence for 13 types of dressings and wound interventions......Maggot therapy is beautifully illustrated with images of larvae and adult flies and guides practitioners from understanding the theory to delivering patient care. In addition the evidence that supports maggot therapy is clearly summarised ..... This book is a must for libraries as its unique aspects are the history and technical aspects of developing wound dressings. However, it will be equally valuable to those wanting a comprehensive text on dressings. "

Sue Bale, Associate Director of Nursing, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.

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