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Medical Device Technical Consultancy Service

Medetec offers a range of technical and other support services, including medical writing, to manufacturers and distributors of wound dressings, wound management products and other related medical devices.

A facility also exists for clients to place non-confidential technical reports produced by Medetec in a special section of the site called ''Medetexts' should they wish to do so.

Medetec Publishing

In a recent development, Medetec has established Medetec Publishing which has just launched a new textbook entitled Surgical Dressings and Wound Management, written by Dr Steve Thomas who has over thirty years experience in this area.

Medetec Medical Images

Medetec has also developed a library of wound-related images for authors and technical journals Medetec Medical Images, an extensive library of pictures of wounds and wound dressings which are available free of charge to healthcare staff for educational purposes.

These pictures of wounds may be particularly useful to individuals regularly involved in wound care or responsible for managing patients with problem wounds who may may wish to use them for illustrating documents, reports or dissertations etc.

For further information on any of the services that Medetec provides, please click on the appropriate link.

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