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Stock pictures and copyright free images of open wounds and surgical wound dressings

Medetec Medical Images has been established to meet a recognized need by wound care specialists for free stock images of all types of open wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (pressure sores), malignant wounds, dehisced wounds resulting from surgical wound infection, skin or microvascular changes associated with diabetes, diabetic ulcers, ischaemic wounds and other miscellaneous wound types such as pilonidal sinus, all of which may be encountered by a wound care practitioner on a daily basis.

The library also contains possibly a unique collection of copyright free images and free stock photos of all types of wound dressings that have been used over the last few decades. These include hydrogel dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, alginate dressings, as well carbon dressings or those containing silver or other forms of antimicrobial or antibacterial agents used to treat infected wounds, prevent wound infection, or assist with the problems of wound dehiscence or wound odour or otherwise assist in the process of wound healing. Also included are pictures of the various types of bandage used in the treatment of lymphedema and other forms of venous disease.

The database is also mirrored in a searchable form on Picasa ( which hosts larger images, typically 1024 x 731.

It is anticipated that these images may be used not only by a wound expert, but by all interested parties involved in wound management, to illustrate reports, essays and dissertations etc., or to form Powerpoint presentations for purposes of training and education or as part of the process of wound care certification.

When used for these and similar applications, the images from either host may be downloaded free of charge, and used without restriction, provided that the Medetec copyright notice is not removed.

High resolution versions of all the images, typically up to 4600 x 3000, are also available for commercial or publishing purposes. For more information please contact

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