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Dr Thomas's publications on results of in-vitro studies

Physical properties of Dressings

  1. Thomas, S. (1992). "Observations on the fluid handling properties of alginate dressings." Pharmaceutical Journal 248: 850-851.

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  7. Thomas, S. and Loveless, P. (1991). "A comparative study of the properties of six hydrocolloid dressings." Pharmaceutical Journal 247: 672-675.

Antimicrobial properties of dressings

  1. Thomas, S. and Hay, N. P. (1991). "The antimicrobial properties of two metronidazole medicated dressings used to treat malodorous wounds." Pharmaceutical Journal March 2: 264-266.

  2. Thomas, S. and McCubbin, P. (2003). "A comparison of the antimicrobial effects of four silver-containing dressings on three organisms." Journal of Wound Care 12(3): 101-107.

  3. Thomas, S. and McCubbin, P.(2003). "An in vitro analysis of the antimicrobial properties of 10 silver-containing dressings." Journal of Wound Care 12(8): 305-8.

  4. Thomas, S. and Ashman, P. (2004). "In-vitro testing of silver containing dressings." Journal of Wound Care 13(9): 392-393.

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