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Medical Device Technical Consultancy Service

test method development

Test Method Development

Over the years, Dr Thomas has been responsible for the development of many new performance-related tests for wound dressings and related products as diverse as

  • compression bandages,
  • orthopaedic casting materials,
  • alginates,
  • hydrocolloids and other interactive dressings,
  • antibacterial/silver containing dressings.
Many of these tests, which have been described in various technical publications, have since been adopted as national or international standards for these product groups. Examples include tests for fluid handling properties of alginates and hydrogels, antimicrobial activity of silver and extensible properties of elastic bandages.
This experience should prove invaluable to those who require new test systems to demonstrate clinically relevant differences between dissimilar products that are intended for the same clinical indication.
Further information on the types of tests developed in this way may be found here .

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